10 reasons you need to buy a BMW i3!

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Do you want to buy a BMW i3? The i3 was BMW’s first entry into the EV market and is still one of the most popular vehicles to buy.

While we love the i3, we know making that jump to buy a new car can be scary! That’s why we’ve laid out our favourite things about the BMW i3!

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Worried about the initial limited range in an i3? Well there’s no need to worry!

Many EV drivers will consider a vehicle’s range prior to purchase, and rightly so. However, BMW has massively improved the distance an i3 can travel on a single charge. Depending on which model you choose, i3s have an average range of 120 miles. That’s not bad for a smaller EV!

Our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles, have recently researched whether potential EV buyers should be concerned about a vehicle’s range. You can read their advice on creating a charging routine that works for you, here.


Speaking of charging, the time it takes to charge an EV is constantly getting lower and lower. The BMW i3 is no different.

BMW states that all i3 models can take up to 12 hours to charge from a standard three-point charging cable. While that may sound like a lot, it works really well for EV drivers who plan to charge their vehicle overnight or at a workplace.

There are also lots of different charging options for the i3. If you opt for a fast charger, the vehicle could be topped up in five hours. BMW have fitted all of their i3 models with DC Rapid charge preparation as standard. 

This allows the i3 to charge from a Combined Charging System (CCS) charge point which gives the EV 80% charger in just 40 minutes. This is a perfect option for drivers who are on the go and need a quick boost.
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The i3 is jam-packed with top of the range, modern technology. BMW’s renowned iDrive system, which provides real-time traffic, is standard equipment on any i3. The iDrive also has an integrated GPS navigation system which makes longer journeys that much easier.

Tech enthusiasts are sure to feel at home when driving the i3! A fitting edition to it’s contemporary cabin, the i3’s all-digital driver’s gauge cluster provides vital driving information, such as speed, remaining range and regenerative systems’ status.


As a luxury brand, BMW continues to find new ways to make their vehicles more convenient for drivers. All i3 models are now designed with keyless entry as standard. The vehicle also has seamless bluetooth integration for audio and calls. This makes the i3 ideal for anyone using the EV as their main vehicle!


One of the best features on the i3 is the regenerative braking system. We’re sure anyone who already has a BMW i3 loves this, and probably uses it every day! 

Once the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator pedal, the i3 initiates a regenerative system. This works to transform the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electricity that is routed to the battery.

This means that in most driving situations, drivers can drive without having to swap between the brake and acceleration pedals. The system also helps to reduce normal wear and tear on the i3’s brake discs.


The range of technology continues, offering drivers a range of parking and collision avoidance systems. There are so many available parking aids on the i3, including a rear-view camera and proximity sensors.

You can even have a revolutionary parking assistant fitted in your i3! Not only is this able to search for a suitable parking spot, but it can even park your EV! Once the parking assistant has found a suitable parking spot, you can sit back and watch while the vehicle automatically parks itself.


BMW has designed the i3 with brilliant, high-quality materials. The i3 is the first car to be constructed using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. This is an extremely strong material, but very lightweight.

Individual carbon fibers are seamlessly integrated with polymer to construct the passenger frame. This creates an exceptionally rigid and lightweight structure that enhances the performance and safety of the vehicle.


The BMW Group is committed to challenging the current climate crisis we face and design sustainable, eco-friendly vehicles.

30% of the i3’s interior is designed using kenaf, a regenerative hibiscus plant. As well as creating the i3 to have a recycling rate of 95%. BMW is dedicated to using already recycled materials as much as possible.

Today, the manufacturers use around 50 secondary aluminium and 25% secondary steel across their models. This will reduce the carbon footprint of the BMW Group’s overall. manufacturing.


You may be concerned about how much space you’re getting in the i3, but it’s surprisingly roomy!

In the front, the i3 is blessed with a similar amount of space as any other BMW model. There’s plenty of room for drivers to get comfortable and the layout of the controls are designed for easy use. 

It’s not too squashed in the back either – at least not for a vehicle of its size! The extensive glass areas on the rear doors mean that it never feels claustrophobic and a flat floor ensures plenty of foot room.

Due to its large doors, the vehicle is easy for passengers to get in and out of. At the back, a large boot hatch allows for more than enough room for luggage or groceries.


With no carbon emissions, most of your running costs will come from charging your vehicle. These costs will vary depending on how often you charge your EV, what charger you use and more. BMW suggests that charging the i3 overnight should only cost you a few pounds, which is a lot cheaper than petrol or diesel! 

As the i3 has less moving parts than it’s fuel-powered alternative, you’ll be saving a lot on maintenance costs. Plus if you live, or work, in central London you’ll receive an extra bonus! All electric vehicles are exempt from the London Congestion Charge which is a saving of  £15 a day!


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* All information correct as of 12/07/2021.