Are electric cars more likely to break down?

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There’s plenty of speculation about the safety and maintenance of electric vehicles, and a lot of it is untrue. As the world transitions to greener methods of transport, it’s important that electric cars become as easy, if not easier, to use as conventional cars. A part of that is looking at whether electric vehicle breakdowns are more likely to occur.

Why do electric vehicles break down?

Would it surprise you if we told you that the biggest cause of electric vehicle breakdowns is the same as it is for petrol and diesel breakdowns? That’s right. The top two causes of breakdowns in electric vehicles are no different than those in conventionally fueled vehicles.

The first is issues relating to the 12v battery which can be found within all cars. Second, is tyre faults due to potholes, punctures and wear. Both of these are not directly related to driving an electric car.

The third most common cause of electric vehicle breakdowns related to charging equipment (not range). This included issues relating to the cable and plug. At the moment, The AA say that electric vehicle breakdowns account for roughly 1% of their callouts. While this is likely to increase slightly as uptake of EVs does, it doesn’t look like driving an electric vehicle makes you more likely to break down.

Are you likely to break down from running out of charge?

Even today, one of the biggest worries when it comes to driving an electric car is range anxiety. Drivers fear that their electric car may not be able to travel as far as they need it to, leaving them stuck with a flat battery.

In reality, running out of driving range is extremely uncommon. Not only can most electric vehicles travel upwards of 200 miles on a single charge, but there is also more charging infrastructure. With over 30,000 charge points on UK roads, EV drivers are never far from a public charge point.

But, don’t just take our word for it! Statistics from The AA show that range anxiety doesn’t even come close to being one of the main reasons for electric vehicle breakdowns. Edmund King, AA President, says that “96% of electric vehicle breakdowns have nothing to do with battery range.” Less than 1% of EV breakdowns are due to running out of charge!

In these cases, The AA will take the broken down EV to a working charge point so the drivers can charge as much as they would like. They can even tow electric vehicles that cannot be flat towed.

While people still worry about the range of their electric car, it’s clear that running out of battery isn’t a huge issue. So what are the biggest causes of electric vehicle breakdowns?

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