Top 3 Best Second Hand Electric Vehicles

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More and more people are interested in making the switch from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to instead cleaner and greener electric vehicles. However, the main issue people face is the financial burden of going electric, as these vehicles are still pretty pricey compared to their ICE counterparts. 

This is why we are looking forward to sharing the best second hand electric vehicles which are currently on the market. 

Buy A Second Hand Renault ZOE

The small but mighty Renault ZOE is one of our favourites. It first came about in 2013 and is still a very popular electric car today. It’s simple and user friendly in the cabin, perfect for anyone who wants to make the switch to electric but doesn’t want all the fancy modern tech and gizmos. 

The 40 kilowatt hour ZOE that arrived in 2017 and has a range of around 150 miles on a single charge, can be picked up from as little as £13,500. 

Bear in mind when buying a Renault ZOE though, that some batteries were not included within the overall buying price. The batteries were instead leased. This is mostly the case with older ZOEs and the newer models should come with the battery as standard. Just be cautious and make sure you ask plenty of questions prior to buying. Also ensure you have all the paperwork required when purchasing. 

If you’re buying a ZOE with a leased battery, you have two options. Option one is that you can buy the battery outright for a price determined by Renault, based on the age and mileage of the battery. Option two involves the continual leasing of the battery from Renault for a monthly fee. 

Buy A Second Hand BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a fantastic small car, perfect for getting you around the city or as a run around town car. 

In the front of the cabin, it’s incredibly spacious. The rear is perfect for kids or adults on a short journey, otherwise it can also give lots of storage space. 

If you want an EV that is bold and interesting looking both on the inside and exterior, the BMW i3 is the perfect choice. 

It’s a super comfortable vehicle to drive, as BMWs tend to be. They really have pulled out all the stops with this small but mighty EV. If you want something that is eco friendly all-round, the BMW i3 is made from carbon fibre, you can’t get better than that! 

For around £22,000 you can pick up a second hand BMW i3 with a 42 kilowatt-hour battery pack which will give you around 150 miles in range. 

Another plus for the BMW i3 is that you don’t have to worry about battery degradation, as BMW put some really clever thermal battery management systems into their cars. Meaning any range when the car was first bought should not have changed as the years have moved on. 

Buy A Second Hand Tesla Model S 

Tesla, it’s a world world-known brand. It’s reputable. It’s trustworthy. Tesla is the pinnacle of electric vehicles. The Tesla electric vehicles are renowned for their battery longevity. The technology is just fantastic. They even have their own charging network! 

If you’re looking for second hand electric vehicles that are larger than the ZOE and i3, have more range and better specifications the Model S is one of the best second hand electric vehicles on the market.

Now you may be concerned about the high mileage on some of the Tesla Model S vehicles. They are in fact used for a lot of motorway driving. However, what you need to bear in mind is that the Tesla Model S does not have an engine. High mileage on conventional petrol and diesel vehicles can be problematic, we completely agree. However, electric vehicles are different. For one there are fewer moving parts. Many Tesla’s are still going strong even with more than 165,000 miles of driving over a 7 year period. This particular Tesla battery gave a range of 250 miles when bought new, 7 years on it delivered 222 miles (after 165,000 miles of motoring). Now that’s impressive.

If you buy a Tesla that was registered pre 2017, they come with a lifetime of free supercharging. That means you can go to any Tesla supercharger anywhere in the world and ‘fill up’ your Tesla at zero cost! This is transferable too, so when you buy a 2017 Tesla Model S or older, you will benefit from this huge perk! 

You can buy a second hand Tesla Model S from around the £30,000 mark. 

So there you have it! Three of our top picks when it comes to the best second hand electric vehicles. We hope you found this blog useful. Don’t forget to share via your socials. 

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