Can I buy an electric car without a driveway?

EV charging point with car

As electric vehicles become more popular, we’re sure this will cause anxiety for some – especially those without a driveway! While most EV drivers charge their vehicles overnight on their drive or in a garage, where can you charge yours? Is it really practical to buy an electric car without off-road parking?

In short, yes! Of course you can buy an electric car without a driveway – and it won’t be too difficult either! 

As electric cars become more mainstream, it’s important that the industry recognise the potential fears of buyers. Range anxiety is a big worry to some buyers, and we can see why. The anxiety of running out of battery on route to your journey isn’t ideal. 

However, an electric vehicle’s range should not be the be all and end all! There are many reasons why the range of a vehicle doesn’t overly matter – and they’re all bonuses to people without driveways!

Let’s talk through some of the alternative options to charging an electric vehicle on your drive.


If you aren’t able to charge your electric vehicle at home, then you should definitely make use of public charging stations!

According to ZapMap, there are now over 37,000 public EV charging stations across the UK. This means you can easily top up your EV on your journey. What’s even better is that ZapMap has created a super handy app so you can plan your journeys ahead of time.

In the first quarter of 2021 (January – April), the number of public EV charging devices has risen by nearly 10% compared to the previous quarter (October – December 2020). The number of public charging stations is only likely to rise as electric vehicles become more popular! 

Some EVs even have a map of local charging stations fitted into their infotainment system!

You can now charge your electric vehicle at most supermarkets and even some gyms. This means you can carry out your normal daily tasks whilst charging your EV. In addition to this, it means your EV can be left on charge for a good hour or so – meaning you have more power to complete your journey.

Manufacturers are also working on increasing the charging capacity of their vehicles. Some EVs can take anywhere between 8 – 12 hours to charge overnight on a three-pin charging point. However, charging upgrades mean some EVs take under an hour to fully charge.

The brand new all-electric Kia EV6 has the option of a high-speed, multi-charging system which means the battery charges from 20 – 80% in less than 18 minutes. And it gets better! With ultra-fast charging, you can add 60 miles of driving in four minutes – yes, four!


If your workplace offers EV charging, then this is ideal for you! Workplace charging is perfect as it allows you to charge your EV for a long period of time – making it ready for you to use at the end of the day!

At the moment, not all workplaces in the UK will have EV charging points. However, we anticipate that more workplaces will join the call to install electric vehicle charging stations! Especially because of the current Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant which gives businesses up to 75% off.

The WCS reduced the purchase and installation costs of new workplace EV charging stations by 75%. This caps costs at only £350 per socket. Any employer can claim this for up to 40 charge points. This could be 40 single socket points or 20 double socket points.


Just because you don’t have a drive, doesn’t mean you can’t charge your EV at home! Many EV users run their three-pin charging cables onto the pavement to charge their electric vehicles on the roadside.

While there are no legal restrictions on charging an electric vehicle on the road, you do need to be more careful. Especially because the Highway Act does give local authorities the right to remove any cables that they believe are in unsafe locations.

If you do need to charge your EV on the road, the best option is to find a parking spot as close to your property or charging station as possible. You may need to find a suitable, safe extension lead, or order a longer charging cable, in order to reach your EV.

It is important to remember that there may be pedestrians passing your vehicle while it is charging. Of course, you’re not required to sit with your vehicle for hours on end while it’s charging – instead, make sure your charging cable is visible!

You could use some brightly coloured cable protector which would keep the cable in place and make it more visible – avoiding trips and falls. Remember, charging cables should only be placed over the pavement while your EV is charging and should be removed as soon as they’re not in use.


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In case you couldn’t tell, we’re super excited about the launch of Kia’s newest all-electric model, the EV6!

Due to launch later this year, the EV6 has a 77.4kWh battery and range of 316 miles. That big battery also means the vehicle can go from 0 – 60mph in just 3.5 seconds – not bad for a bulky EV!

Kia’s newest all-electric model is packed with modern tech too! In the centre it features a 12.3-inch curved display and touchscreen for navigation. Considering the size, this still manages to provide clean, unobstructed visibility for drivers.

EVision has the EV6 joining its hire fleet very soon! Make sure you check out their website to be the first to hear when it drops!

* All information correct as of 16/08/2021.