Can I use pure electric company cars for my business?

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The cost of running a battery electric vehicle (BEV) is roughly 50% – 60% less than running an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. Combine that with the brilliant environmental impacts of driving an EV, and you can see why lots of businesses are switching to pure electric company cars. 

Electric vehicles make commercial driving as affordable as possible for businesses, yet people still question how practical it actually is. 

Range anxiety

One of the biggest worries of EV owners and potential EV buyers is range anxiety. This is when drivers fear their electric vehicle cannot travel as far as they need it to on a single charge. The truth is that scenario is very unlikely to happen.

Sure, if you drive far enough without charging, your car will eventually run out of battery and die. However, so will any petrol or diesel vehicle that you forget to top up. Despite being unlikely to happen, range anxiety is stopping 80% of fleet managers from buying electric company cars.

How much of an issue is range anxiety?

As we’ve said, we don’t believe range anxiety is, or should be, a huge issue for those looking to switch to pure electric company cars. The main reason being that most EV drivers today don’t have any issues with charging their electric vehicle. Meanwhile, data from EV Box shows that over 80% of current EV drivers said they would buy an electric car again in the future.

While they may seem similar, charging an electric vehicle is quite different to filling up a petrol or diesel vehicle – and that’s not a bad thing! Charging an EV is much more convenient (and cheaper) than having to drive all the way to a fuel station.

Most EV drivers will choose to charge their electric vehicle at home, overnight or at a time that suits their lifestyle best. This means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to top up your vehicle.

When you do need to charge your EV on the go, you’ll be thankful to hear that the UK has the best public charging network in all of Europe. The Government are prioritising improving the public network, and are now installing more rapid charging stations than ever before. These allow you to charge your electric vehicle much quicker than at a typical home charger.

The biggest reason we don’t think range anxiety is a make or break factor, is because EVs have enormous ranges now. It’s extremely unlikely you’d use the full 314 guaranteed miles on the Kia EV6 in a day, let alone in a single journey.

Let’s be honest, you’d probably need to stop for fuel when travelling over 300 miles anyway! Apps like ZapMap make it easy for EV drivers to pre-plan their charge stops to avoid a flat battery!

Getting the right vehicles!

This is a really important part of buying any electric vehicle, but especially those buying electric company cars. You need to think practically about what the vehicles will be used for so you can weigh up which vehicle is right for your business. 

It’s worth considering expected mileage, whether the vehicle will be driven in the city or in the countryside, and what type of journeys it will be doing. For example, someone looking for an electric taxi vehicle will have different needs to a construction company transporting heavy loads.

Electric company cars at EV Sales

Here at EV Sales, we have a range of new and used electric vehicles available – and there’s something for everyone!

For those of you looking for electric company cars that scream sophistication, while also showing off your eco-friendly business, we’d recommend our Tesla models. Tesla has been a key player in the EV industry and it’s no surprise that their cars are the best in the business.

Not only do they look like a dream, but they’re jam-packed with the latest technology. We’re currently stocking the Tesla Model S, which is a sporty, saloon shape, and the slightly smaller Model 3. The Tesla Model 3 was actually the best-selling electric car and the second best-selling car in the UK in 2021.

Whereas, those who need a practical, zero-emission vehicle capable of transporting heavy loads are probably more interested our electric vans. At the moment, we have some brilliant Vauxhall and Renault models that have their individual benefits for businesses.

The Vauxhall Vivaro-e is a much bigger electric van, meaning there’s more space and more range for commercial businesses. Whereas, the Renault Kangoo is slightly smaller but it is customisable with it’s collapsible rear seats.

For any further information, or to arrange a viewing, please contact our helpful EV experts on 01634 914 063. You email us via

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