Can secondhand EVs help our environment?

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It seems a year of lockdowns has changed people’s perception on preserving the earth! There is a huge surge in demand for environmentally friendly, hybrid or electric secondhand EVs (electric vehicles). 

Did you know that buying secondhand EVs can actually be better for our environment in the long run? Believe it or not, they can be! The creation of new vehicles, whether electric or not, causes pollution purely through the manufacturing process. Just think when new cars are being constructed, there are materials which are sourced and shipped from all over the world resulting in a rapid increase to our carbon footprint

If you’re ready to ditch diesel and go electric, here are three eco-friendly benefits of green vehicles!

Air quality improvement

Probably the most immediate benefit we will feel from all-electric vehicles is the improvement in air quality. All-electric vehicles run simply on electricity meaning they produce zero polluting emissions. Our air quality is also one of the most important environmental benefits as it instantly improves the air we breathe in. The air will become less harmful to us, other animals and the environment in general. 

Reduce demand for fossil fuels

The pollution caused by petrol and diesel vehicles is much bigger than you may think, and harmful exhaust pipe emissions are only the beginning. Fossil fuels are the main contributor to climate change and global warming.

Think about the process of extracting oil, making it into fuel and then transporting it to petrol stations up and down the UK. The scale of air pollution produced during this process is breathtaking…literally.

Choosing to purchase secondhand EVs, rather than conventional vehicles, means the demand for these dangerous energy sources are slashed. This in turn would lower the effect their burning has on the environment.

EV manufacturers are inclined to do better

There’s no point in driving a zero-emissions vehicle if years of carbon went into making it! Many manufacturers are now finding alternatives to make their factories greener, and in turn their vehicles. 

For example, Honda relies on a solar farm made up of 40,000 photovoltaic panels to power the majority of its factory in Swindon. Similarly, BMW’s factory in Mexico has in-built solar panels.

Most big brands are aiming to make their factories and plants carbon neutral at various point across the next decade. However, German manufacturer Volkswagen, are one step ahead of the game! 

They have already mastered the carbon neutral vehicle. With the factory running on 100% green energy from wind and solar power. The ID.3 hatchback is completely carbon neutral when it rolls off the assembly line. Volkswagen also uses 100% green energy when producing the ID.3’s battery cells.

Step up and do your bit!

If it’s coming up to new car month (or even if it’s not!), why not ditch the conventional and go for the extraordinary? 

Make the jump to clean, green electric vehicles and ditch the gas-guzzlers! Not only will an eco-friendly vehicle produce zero emissions, but you’ll notice a staggering difference when it comes to your car’s fuel bill!

We’re very proud to specialise in the sale of secondhand EVs throughout the UK. You can choose from our smashing Tesla’s, quirky BMW’s or reliable Peugeot electric vans!

We offer all of our customers:

  • One month warranty
  • All cars sold with MOT
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  • Finance options
  • UK delivery where required

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* All information correct as of 27/09/2021.