Electric Vans Currently Available to Buy

The number of electric vans sold in the UK have been on the rise since 2020. More and more drivers are making the switch to an electric van, especially for work purposes. At the end of October 2022, there were more than 30,000 electric vans registered in the UK. 

In this week’s blog post we take a look at the various electric vans currently available for sale, as well as why drivers would benefit from making the switch.


The majority of electric vans available on the market at the moment have been produced by Vauxhall. It’s likely that you would have seen one of their many models including the Vivaro-e or Combo-e, which have both been designed around their combustion engine counterparts. Let’s take a further look into these models.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

Drivers currently owning a diesel Vauxhall Vivaro will certainly be tempted to make the switch to a greener vehicle after they’ve read what we’ve got to say…

Well, where do we start? Vauxhall Vivaro-e

Range and Charging

The most important feature of this van for drivers is the range. As this type of vehicle will primarily be used for work purposes, it is vital that a great range is available. An average real world range of 175 miles definitely ticks the box for most drivers, especially those looking to make the switch. When you do need to stop and charge however, it is promising to know that it is capable of recharging extremely quickly! 


If you’re not a fan of change then you’ll be happy to know that the interior is identical to the non-electric Vivaro. Aside from a couple of minor changes and additional features, everything is incredibly similar. 

Drivers will be able to make the most of a spacious, comfortable and well put together cab. A Vauxhall Vivaro-e owner can enjoy a fully adjustable driver’s seat, cruise control plus a 7 inch colour touchscreen and rear parking sensors. 

Storage space

Those intending to use the van for work will arguably want enough space to store tools, materials or to transport goods. When you buy a Vauxhall Vivaro-e you’ll be guaranteed plenty of room in the back. Depending on whether you opt for the panel or double cab van, this van will offer a payload of either 987kg or 1002kg. 

What’s more, if you buy a Vauxhall Vivaro-e from us here at EV Sales, you will be buying an electric van that is already ply lined for easy loading and storage. Impressive, right?

Vauxhall Combo-e

The latest addition to the Vauxhall line up is the Vauxhall Combo-e. Released in early 2022, it has gone down a storm for those needing a smaller van.  Vauxhall Combo-e

Range and Charging

Fitted with a 50kWh battery, the Vauxhall Combo-e is capable of doing an average of 145 miles on a full charge (real world range). For a more compact vehicle, this is still pretty outstanding. In terms of charging,  when using a 100kW charge, the battery can be charged up from 0 – 80% in just 30 minutes. If you make use of the eco modes you’ll be back on the road in no time!


Upon entering the cab the driver will be greeted with a modern cockpit with essential features that are just a touch away. Located in the centre panel, is an 8 inch colour touchscreen and the majority of the main controls. The Vauxhall Combo-e also comes as standard with lane-keep assist, driver drowsiness alert and forward collision alert. 


As well as 15 storage compartments that have been cleverly fitted into the design of the cab, it also has a payload of 751kg. A load length of 2131mm will be plenty for any worker to make the most of, when it comes to storing any tools or materials. 


The Maxus eDeliver 9 is probably one of the newest electric vans for sale. This particular electric van was released in the UK in early 2022.

Range and Charging

If you’re thinking about making the switch to an electric van then range will of course be a priority for any driver. The Maxus eDeliver 9 certainly doesn’t disappoint! 

With the development of battery technology, drivers can benefit from 195 miles on a full charge (real world range). Charging up the vehicle is also just as impressive. Using a 150kW charger will take drivers 45 minutes to reach 80%.


There’s nothing worse than a small cab when it comes to a work van. It’s important that drivers have enough space to store any personal belongings, as well as have plenty of room to stretch their legs if they are sitting in traffic. Spacious is definitely one word that comes to mind when you think of the Maxus eDeliver 9!Maxus eDeliver 9 electric vans

Drivers will also be able to make use of:

  • Lane Change Assist

  • Blind Area Monitoring System

  • Intelligent Anti-Theft Security System

  • 10 inch Touch Screen

  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors

  • 3 Different Driving Modes

  • Reversing Camera with Guide Assist


The eDeliver 9 has been designed with more space, more range as well as fitted with all of the usual extras. It is currently one of the biggest electric vans on the market, with a maximum payload of 1290 kg!

Unfortunately we do not currently have a Maxus eDeliver 9 for sale, however our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles, have this particular electric van available for hire. Find out more on their website.   


So now you’ve read about some of the most popular electric vans for sale, here’s why you should now think about switching.

Save money

The number one reason to switch to an electric van is the money you can save. Like any electric vehicle, they are a huge investment, however they will save you plenty of money in the long haul. Think about how much money you would be spending on buying standard fuel. As the prices are constantly increasing, and the threat of a potential recession, it will certainly give you something to think about!

Currently electric vehicles are exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), but this is due to change from 1st April 2025.  Any vehicles registered before 1st April 2017 will need to pay £165 per year. Any vehicles registered after this date will only pay £20 per year. All of which was announced in the Autumn Statement 2022. Although this will be a payment that all electric vehicle drivers will need to pay, it is incredibly minimal compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. 

Servicing your electric van

Do you dread servicing your van every year? Well you won’t need to anymore!

As electric vans are made up of less moving parts, including a gearbox and engine, it will not be as expensive to ensure your van is road safe. Less servicing and maintenance equals more money in your pocket!

Petrol and Diesel Sale Ban in 2030

The sales ban on any new diesel and petrol vehicles is looming, and although 2030 seems a long time away, it will certainly creep up quicker than you think. Manufacturers are putting timelines into place to start slowly phasing out standard models to make way for newer fully electric vans instead. So why delay, buy your electric van today and get ahead of the curb!


So will you be thinking about making the switch to an electric van? You could be saving a lot of money each month!

If you want to buy an electric van then you’re in luck. We currently have some Vauxhall Vivaro-e electric vans for sale. Our electric vans are relatively new, and have only got delivery miles on. They will also come with charging cables included and we can arrange for UK delivery if required. The full details can be found on our website. If you would like to view this vehicle, please contact us to arrange a virtual or in-person viewing. 

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