EVs for sale in 2022!

tesla model s

Here at EV Sales, we specialise in both new and second hand electric car sales. While there are a few different Government grants available for those looking for brand new EVs for sale, sometimes they’re slightly out of budget. Here’s all our current EVs for sale!

Tesla Model S

While we might be in the middle of an electric car revolution, it wasn’t always that way. Tesla will certainly go down as one of the most important pioneers in EV history. Initially, the fun American manufacturers led with the large Model S however they have grown to have four fully-electric models. 

Launched back in 2014, the Model S has been one of the brand’s most popular models. From the beginning, the Tesla Model S has boasted innovative technology and sleek, luxurious design. 

Although many different versions of the Model S have been released since 2014, we still love the 2014 S 85 model. In fact, it could still easily compete with some of the latest cars on the EV market.

Our 60kWh battery version has a range of around 200 miles which is more than enough for day to day driving. In terms of performance, this first edition Model S still holds up brilliantly. There’s a maximum speed of 145mph, plus acceleration to 62mph in just 5.6 seconds.

Of course, one of the biggest perks to owning and driving a Tesla is the Supercharging network! This allows you to charge any Tesla model efficiently and quickly. This Tesla Model S can fully charge in a minimal 30 minutes – perfect for on the go charging.

Tesla is known for their innovative designs and advanced technology, and even in this 2014 Model S that’s true. A 17” touch screen takes pride of place in the front of the vehicle. This contains all of the car’s functions, including navigation, music streaming and heating controls. As well as virtually every other driving comfort or amusement function you could think of.

Here at EV Sales, we have a couple of Tesla EVs for sale, including the brilliant Model S.

Tesla Model 3

Alongside the wonderful Model S, we also have a fantastic 2019 Tesla Model 3 for sale. The Model 3 is by far Tesla’s most popular model. In fact, in 2021 it was the second best selling car of the year and best selling electric car in the UK.

It’s no surprise that the Model 3 has been a runaway success worldwide, offering high tech and great range in a modern, stylish design. Our 2019 Tesla Model 3 boasts a range of 270 miles on a single charge. Meaning you can rely on this EV for all of those around town trips and long distance motorway journeys.

EVs for sale in 2022!

You’ll also be able to drive to your destination in comfort with climate control, adaptive cruise control, heated faux-leather seats and keyless entry. Tesla has kept the dashboard minimalistic with a 15” touch screen controlling almost every feature in the car. It can even control the wipers and headlights.

All of our second hand electric vehicles are in excellent condition as they have only had one registered keeper. Our 2019 Tesla Model 3 is immaculate, with only 32,000 miles of the clock! 

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

We also have some brilliant all-electric vans available, one of which is the Vauxhall Vivaro-e. The Vauxhall Vivaro-e is the eco-friendly alternative of the standard Vivaro van.  

Since it’s release the Vivaro-e has become a best seller for the brand, and has even won some awards. In 2020, the Vauxhall Vivaro-e was the first van to win the WhatCar? Van of the Year for its zero emissions power, ultra-low running costs and impressive performance.

The Vivaro-e has three different driving modes, making it adaptable for different businesses. You can choose between Power, Normal and Eco to have great control over vehicle handling, range and running costs. 

Here at EV Sales, we have some of the bigger 75kWh battery vans which offer up to 205 miles of range on a full charge. Recharging the Vivaro-e is hassle free! When charging at home, this electric van will be fully charged by the morning, ready for the working day. Meanwhile, charging at a 100kWh public charge point will take around 45 minutes. Not quite as quick as a Tesla, but it is a van after all!

EVs for sale in 2022!

As the Government and local authorities aim to improve air quality, more and more emission-free zones are popping up. While these are great for the environment, they’re not so great for the pockets of petrol and diesel drivers.

Electric vans like the Vivaro-e free you from having to pay low-emission zone fees. Plus, you’ll also be exempt from rising fuel prices and higher vehicle tax prices. All of these savings stack up majorly for businesses.

You can find all of our Vivaro-e electric vans on our website here!

Renault Kangoo

2021 saw an all-new Renault Kangoo electric van and it certainly shook up the small van market. Why? Well, because it’s significantly better than previous models and is set to cause problems for its front-running rivals such as the Vauxhall Combo, Volkswagen Caddy and Ford Transit Connect.

For starters, the newest Kangoo model has a slightly shorter bonnet and improved proportions. There’s still the classic Renault badge on the nose, which acts as the charging port. 

Inside, the Kangoo benefits from similar technology as featured in the Renault Zoe. Meanwhile, the steering wheel, dashboard and climate controls are the same as you’d find in a petrol Renault Clio. 

EVs for sale in 2022!

The build quality is a clear step forwards for the Kangoo. The interior is much more upmarket in material quality than previous models. It’s also a lot more spacious too. While headroom has never been an issue in the Kangoo, the latest model is noticeably wider across the cabin. 

In the UK, all Renault Kangoo vans have a brilliant folding seat arrangement. You can choose to fold down the rear three seats, leaving a completely flat floor. This means long items can be carried with ease, without causing damage to the van’s cab.

We only have one Renault Kangoo van left, so be quick!

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