Generation Z want their parents to buy electric vehicles!

Generation Z want their parents to buy electric vehicles!

With ice caps melting and forests burning, our ever-growing issue of climate change is here and it’s hitting hard. While this may not seem a major issue for some, for Gen Z (anyone born after 1995) it’s a vital issue. And they’ve sure found their voice!

They’re making the push for greener lifestyles, which includes endorsing the shift to electric vehicles (EVs). The good news is that most major manufacturers are starting to roll out EVs at affordable prices!

But do kids today have the power to annoy their parents into doing the right thing?

Can kids convince their parents to buy electric vehicles?

A survey published by Peugeot last year revealed how eager kids really are to get behind the EV revolution. After surveying over 3,700 children, parents and guardians, it’s clear that children are influencing their parents to invest in electric vehicles at a growing rate.

Over 55% of children ages 7 – 12 said they have tried to influence their parents to be more environmentally friendly. Children persuaded their parents into recycling, reusing and even switching to an electric or plug-in vehicle. What’s more is 67.8% of all the children surveyed believed electric and plug-in vehicles are good for the planet and would like one as their first car.

While these statistics are taken from the child’s word, there is one stat that is undeniable. Over 72% of parents said their children were either consulted or directly involved in the selection of their family’s next vehicle. I think that’s enough evidence that children are more than capable of persuading their parents into greener alternatives.

David Peel, Managing Director of Peugeot UK, said: “It’s great to see the next generation of car buyers so interested in full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and to know that they understand the positive impact these vehicles have on the environment.”

At the moment, Peugeot offers a minimal four all-electric vehicles – two cars, the e-208 and e-2008, and two vans, the e-Rifter and e-Traveller. However, they are doing much better with plug-in hybrid models and currently have either different plug-in car models available. Peugeot have committed to launching a pure electric alternative for each of it’s models by 2023.

What about Gen Z who are old enough to drive?

It seems our Gen Z friends across the pond in the USA are just as keen to drive cleaner vehicles. Despite sales of new electric vehicles picking up globally, it seems America has been slow on their uptake. As of October 2021, over 11% of new car sales in the UK were either fully electric or plug-in vehicles. This compares to a minimal 2% in the USA

Although sales aren’t picking up, not all hope is lost! Lots of young adults in America are opting to learn in plug-in or electric vehicles. Many are expressing their concerns of driving in a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle. One 16 year old who recently passed their driving test at an all-hybrid school, said, “You’re driving for two hours at a time and I think I had five or six lessons, that’s a lot of time just to be driving around.”

Perhaps we will see a larger investment in electric vehicles within the USA as our younger generations become old enough to drive and purchase their own vehicles.

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* All information correct as of 25/10/2021.