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Did you know that half of London’s air pollution is caused by road transport? Here at EV Sales, we believe that the road to the future is fully electric – leaving petrol and diesel vehicles as a thing of the past.

So what do petrol and diesel vehicles actually do to the environment?


In towns and cities the main source of poor air quality is road transport. Air quality is how polluted the air we breathe in is. While the quality has improved over recent decades, there is still a huge way to go.

Automotive production consumes a lot of energy before cars even make it to the open road, leaving a giant carbon footprint. Pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide, are emitted into the atmosphere as the vehicle is driving. These add to global warming and have a harmful long-term effect on the environment.

All petrol and diesel vehicles create pollutants, however diesel vehicles do produce higher levels of emissions. Buying an EV automatically cuts the level of fumes released into our atmosphere. By 2050, the UK Government has pledged to reduce carbon emissions to zero and electric vehicles will play a huge role in that.


To help address this issue, vehicles on the road need to be greener – and not in their paintwork.

Research shows that switching to electric vehicles can make a huge change to our carbon footprint. EVs can also help us tackle our ever-growing challenge of global warming as they reduce carbon emissions. 

While there is debate over whether EVs are actually greener, the long-term environmental impacts of driving electric are far better. As with all vehicles, making electric vehicles does produce emissions. Currently the emissions created during the production of EVs are similar to that of the conventional car. However, with technology advancing and EV sales rising, this is already changing for the better.

Electric vehicles also make up for their emissions during production with the reduction in emissions created over the vehicles lifetime. The emissions produced by electric vehicles are roughly 17 – 30% lower than petrol or diesel vehicles.


There really is no better time to buy an electric vehicle to start decreasing the emissions you release, creating a better environment. 

If you’re looking to switch to an EV, we are proud to offer a range of fully electric vehicles that have only had one previous registered keeper and come with a one month warranty.

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* All information correct as of 14/06/2021.