Is it time to buy a Tesla?

Buy a Tesla

Tesla is currently one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles in today’s market. The demand for a Tesla has skyrocketed, and so has the price. So, how can you buy a Tesla for a more affordable price, we hear you ask?


Don’t overlook the used EV market, it could be a blessing in disguise for drivers looking to make the switch for an affordable price. If you’re looking to buy a Tesla soon, a used Tesla could also be a better option if you’re on a time scale. 

Long delivery times

Since the start of the pandemic, the production of all vehicles came to a halt. Manufacturers have had to crank up the production rate in order to stand a chance of rolling out more cars. Unfortunately, customers who have chosen to buy a Tesla from new, are facing a lengthy wait for delivery. Tesla has advised a 5 – 11 week delivery time at the earliest. Buying a used Tesla will guarantee that you can make the switch sooner rather than later.


High demand also means high prices. Tesla are making the most of the additional sales, and have hiked up their prices, and it is likely to continue. More drivers are looking to buy a Tesla that is second hand for this exact reason.

Global Chip Shortage

If you aren’t already aware, there is currently a worldwide chip shortage. Meaning that although the production of cars is still underway, they are incomplete until manufacturers can get hold of chips needed for essential controls. Tesla managed to power through Q1 and Q2 with fantastic sales of over 180,000 EVs. Tesla managed  to partner with new chip suppliers, however it’s becoming increasingly harder to get hold of the equipment needed to keep up with demand.


If you’re ready to buy a Tesla, then make sure you know what to look for before you buy an EV.


The mileage is the first thing you should look for when buying any vehicle. If it has a high mileage it can often mean that certain car parts need to be replaced, or will be on their way out soon. When you buy a Tesla, high mileage isn’t always a bad thing. In most other EVs, the battery in an older electric car will not be able to retain the same amount of range as it would in previous years. However Tesla vehicles commonly maintain the same amount of range, despite the mileage.

Service history 

If you’ve found a reliable company selling second hand Teslas, we would always recommend checking the service history. Even finding out how many registered keepers the vehicle has as well as what the car may have been used for. It can determine roughly how the car would have been kept and how well looked after it is. 


Tesla is known for producing electric cars with a high level of range. It’s always best to check the average range of a Tesla model to ensure you know how much you will be getting. More often than not, Tesla model ranges vary from around 200 – 270 miles on a full charge. If you’re looking to buy a Tesla Model S 85 for example, this is a lower spec model and drivers would expect a lower mileage range.


If you want to buy a Tesla, then don’t hang around to snap up a deal, our used electric vehicles are charging out the door (pardon the pun!). Not only do we have used Teslas for sale, we have a range of other EVs including:

  • Renault ZOE
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Our sister company EVision Electric Vehicles has a fleet of over 300 pure electric cars and vans. They are always looking to upgrade their existing cars and even purchase new EVs. Once this happens, our stock list of used electric vehicles for sale grows!

If you would like to visit our used electric car dealership in Strood, Kent to buy a Tesla, we are now welcoming back walk-in customers. Alternatively, if you would prefer a virtual tour we can also accommodate this. Contact the EV Sales team today on: 01634 914063 or email us