Looking to buy an EV? Here are the top 5 EVs with the largest range.

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When looking to buy an EV, the biggest question on people’s minds is how far the vehicle can travel on a single charge. An electric vehicle’s range can often make or break an individual’s decision of whether to make the jump or not. 

So what is range anxiety?

Range anxiety is the fear of your EVs battery dying mid-trip. Although longer journeys aren’t too common, a long drive for a family staycation once a year is certainly realistic. Especially with Coronavirus forcing people away from air travel for a second summer in a row.

Let’s quickly run down why you shouldn’t be anxious to buy an EV.Shortcode


Of course, if you drive far enough without charging your EV then you are bound to run out of battery. The same goes with a petrol or diesel powered vehicle.

While there are more fuel stations than EV charging points lining our streets, further research and development will improve this. Handy apps such as ZapMap ensure you can charge on the go wherever you are!

The fact of the matter is, if you drive an average amount and remember to charge your EV overnight you will never have a problem. If that doesn’t convince you, here’s why you shouldn’t worry about range anxiety.Shortcode


Just like charging your phone – except it’s a car.

When you purchase an electric car, you’ll be encouraged to have a charging station installed in your garage or driveway. With this, you will be able to charge your EV whenever you aren’t driving it. This way everytime you leave your home in your EV, it’ll be with a full battery.

Unlike fuel powered vehicles, you don’t need to wait for the dreaded ‘E’ on your fuel gauge. Instead of waiting for the battery to fully drain, you can charge your EV at home whenever suits you! This means you can hit the road with enough power for every journey.

There are now more than 35,000 charging stations across the UK making it easier than ever to ‘fill up’ on the go! Whether you’re staying local, or traveling further afield, you won’t have to drive far to top up your EV battery!Shortcode


You may worry hearing that an EV only has a range of 100, 150 or even 200 miles. Many EV owners fear they may need to go that extra mile, heightening their range anxiety. This is a valid concern, or at least it would be! 
In reality, the average UK driver will travel a total of 20 miles a day. This is well within the range of even the smallest EV battery.Shortcode


The continuing development of electric vehicles means that how far an EV can travel before needing a refill is always growing! 

The 2014 Nissan Leaf had a battery range of a minimal 84 miles – which is still enough for local driving! Now, the all-electric Nissan Leaf can travel a whole 168 miles on a single charge, and the BMW i3 is another fantastic example of this!

Range anxiety solved!Shortcode


Looking to buy an EV with a super long range? Or maybe you’re just curious? Here are the top 5 electric cars that have the longest range in 2021.

  1. Lucid Air Grand Touring

The Lucid Air Grand Touring is the direct competitor of Tesla – and it’s easy to see why! With a whopping 517 miles of range, you could drive from the south seas of Brighton up to chilly Glasgow and have miles to spare!

Claiming to be the quickest, fastest charging luxury EV with the longest range in the world. We’re expecting the Lucid Air Grand Touring to arrive in the UK later this year.

2. Mercedes EQS 

Mercedes’ zero-emissions alternative to their classic S-Class is the new all-electric Mercedes EQS. The EQS has a huge 479 miles of range! 

If that isn’t good enough Mercedes promises the model will charge up to 80% in just 31 minutes. This makes charging on the road easier than ever, adding roughly 186 miles for the EQS 450+ in less than 35 minutes.

3. Tesla Model S Long Range

The Model S Long Range is one of the most rewarding all-electric experiences all-round. While it’s loaded with technology and has a futuristic feel, the Model S Long Range is practical too. 

With a range of 412 miles, this Model S provides a range long enough to do that much-discussed London to Edinburgh trip. When connected to Tesla Superchargers, an 80% battery top-up is 50% quicker than previously – taking fewer than 45 minutes to add 260 miles.

4. Tesla Model S Plaid

The second Tesla to top the list is the Model S Plaid. A testament to how far ahead of the pack Tesla are. With a sprint time of 0-60mph in less than 2 seconds, this model is faster than any EV you will find.

Tesla is keen to stress that all this extra performance hasn’t made too much of a dent in the Plaid’s range. Claiming 390 miles on a full charge and an additional 187 miles in just 15 minutes when using the brand’s newest 250kW rapid charging technology.

A special mention to Tesla’s Model S Plaid+ which was meant to be launching later this year. The firm teased their newest Model S stating it would be the most powerful and quickest-accelerating to date. Featuring a hugely impressive range of 520 miles!

Unfortunately, CEO of the brand, Elon Musk, recently announced that the Plaid+ would not be going ahead. He stated  “Plaid+ is cancelled. No need, as Plaid is just so good.”

5. BMW iX xDrive50

Our final EV with an inspiring range is the BMW iX xDrive50 which has a fitted 100kWh battery and a range of 373 miles on a full charge.

This is considerably more than it’s competitors such as the Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes EQC and Tesla Model X. The iX xDrive50 is compatible with rapid charging meaning a 10-80% charge takes just 35 minutes and a top-up of 90 miles in a brief 10 minutes.


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* All information correct as of 28/06/2021.