New charging technology from Ford could make used electric cars more accessible

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Owning an electric vehicle is becoming a more realistic option for many Brits across the UK. With rising costs to fuel and the cost of living, driving a pure electric car could save you hundreds per year. Here at EV Sales, we have plenty of new and used electric cars available from some of the best manufacturers. What’s holding you back?

Well, for many, one of the biggest turn offs to buying used electric cars was the lacking charging infrastructure. The UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure is constantly growing, especially now the Government are pledging millions to improve the public charging network.

According to ZapMap, there are now over 32,000 public charge points available. Over 800 of these were installed last month. Likewise, over 6,000 of these charge points are able to provide rapid or ultra-rapid charging speeds. That’s a huge development to the network. 

With that in mind, are there any other concerns? Recently, there have been ongoing discussions about how accessible the public charging network is. We may hope that charging an EV on the go is as easy as popping into your local fuel station, but it isn’t – at least not for some. 

UK-based charity Motability have been quick to highlight the issues disabled individuals face when using EV charge points. Often met with heavy cables and high kerbs, some EV drivers and passengers can find themselves unable to charge their vehicle on the go. 

Charities like Motability are working to ensure accessibility is improved across the board, but now Ford have stepped up with a potential solution.

Robot operated charging stations?!

The idea of using a robot to charge your all-electric vehicle could not sound more futuristic. The manufacturer has set out to develop hands-free charging solutions for plug-in and electric vehicles. Plus, they’re also trying to develop automatic charging for autonomous vehicles.

Ford’s technology is designed to ensure EV users can stay in their vehicle while the robot does all the hard work. The prototype Ford has developed can be controlled via an individual’s smartphone. Following lots of testing, the robot charging station is now being put to the test in real life situations.

Once the robot has been activated via an individual’s smartphone, the charging arm extends towards the inlet with the help of a tiny camera. During the trial, drivers were able to monitor their charge on the FordPass app. Once fully charged, the arm retracts back into place and drivers can close their charging port.

Of course, this will majorly change the game for disabled individuals. But, it could also work really well for fleets. Ford’s Research Engineer, Birger Fricke, says “the robot charging station could be an added convenience for some people but – absolutely essential for others.” The manufacturer hopes this kind of technology can be introduced within disabled parking spaces, in car parks and at private homes.

We can’t wait to see how Ford’s research progresses. Would this help you make the switch to all-electric driving? 

New and used electric cars and vans 

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* All information correct as of 17/08/2022.