November 2021 was the best month EVER for EV sales!


EV News: EV sales have their best month in history, with one in five new cars registered in November 2021 being fully electric! That equates to 19% of the total new car market. As both petrol and diesel sales decline we hope this is the beginning of the EV revolution.

Over 20,000 electric cars were registered in November alone, meaning many more UK drivers are benefiting from electric driving. Not only are EVs better for the environment, they’re also much more affordable to run than conventional vehicles, and offer a brilliantly refined driving experience.

EV sales are the fastest growing segment of the new car market, representing a total of 19% of new car sales in November. In comparison, petrol cars held only 50% of the market, which has dropped significantly from 57% in November 2020. Meanwhile, diesel car sales were nearly non-existent at only 7%, a drop from 16% in November 2020.

As we know, larger cities have been quicker in rolling out their EV infrastructure and therefore we do see more electric vehicles in cities compared to rural areas. Based on a three-month rolling average, big cities like London, Oxford and Newcastle have had the biggest EV uptake. 

Surprisingly, Oxford comes out on top with an average of 32% new car sales being fully-electric. Followed closely by Newcastle (27%), Bristol (26%), London (24%) and Birmingham (22%). 

The race for the biggest EV share!

Can you guess which EV manufacturer had the most registrations in November? Yes, it was Tesla! Tesla is one of, if not the biggest, electric car provider across the Western world however, they still only have 15% of the market for new EV sales.

November 2021 saw further evidence of how fast the Volkswagen group’s brands were trying to secure a share of the market, with Volkswagen and Audi brands between them holding 15.3% of the market, beating Tesla. 

Likewise, the Hyundai-Kia group were pushing boundaries to secure a total of 14% across their brands.We imagine this will only grow with the release of the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, both of which are set to be extremely popular.

Niche brands dominate the list of the top brands that have been the quickest to electrify, with DS (43%), Lexus (40%) and Jaguar (34%) in the top three. Meanwhile, Renault, Kia and Audi creep their way up the list as they begin to release more electric options.

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* All information correct as on 06/12/2021.