Now is the best time to buy an electric car!


Have you been thinking about switching to a pure electric vehicle? If so, the time has never been better to buy an electric car. In 2021, there was lots of talk about electric vehicles and how they can help us curb climate change. Plus, the Government, and governments around the world, are committed to axing petrol and diesel vehicles altogether.

In 2021, many EV experts predicted that the cost of electric vehicles was about to plummet. But, with the Government cutting EV grants, inflation rising and a fuel crisis looming, what does the future of buying electric vehicles look like?

Will the cost of new electric vehicles actually drop? In short, yes. Here’s why!

Electric vehicles are becoming cheaper to make

One of the biggest reasons we’ll see EV prices drop is because of how much more affordable they are to produce now. The cost of brand new battery electric vehicles (BEV) have already fallen dramatically over the past few years. And, are expected to drop even more!

It’s imagined that by 2025 electric vehicles will have a similar price tag to petrol and diesel vehicles. This is largely due to advancements in EV technology, allowing manufacturers to produce electric vehicles for a fraction of the price. 

Plus, a lot of manufacturers, like Kia and Hyundai, are dedicated to developing pure electric vehicles. Unlike some manufacturers who choose to split their focus on both electric and hybrid vehicles, Kia and Hyundai are committed to expanding their EV range. 

Previously, manufacturers would adapt their current petrol and diesel models into electric vehicles. On one hand, this is a great idea as manufacturers would be providing all-electric alternatives to their customer’s favourite models. However, designing EVs from scratch allows manufacturers to be much more innovative, flexible and lowers the cost. 

As more electric vehicles enter the market, it will become much easier for people to buy an electric car. But, for now we’d still like to see more incentives offered for those looking to buy an electric car to encourage the switch. 

Second hand electric vehicles

While electric vehicles have only been in the limelight for a few years, they’ve been around a long time! In fact, the first BMW i3 and Renault Zoe models were released in the UK nearly a decade ago. Meanwhile, Tesla launched in the UK in 2014 with their popular Model S. 

Plus, many companies choose to swap out company cars or fleet vehicles after a few years, adding to the second hand market. This means there are plenty of second hand options for those who are interested. As you may well know, second hand vehicles are generally significantly more affordable than brand new ones, making them much more attractive to buy. 

In the UK, we love second hand cars! While car sales have been struggling the past few years due to Covid-19, second hand vehicle sales are on the rise. In 2021, over seven million used cars were purchased, compared to two million brand new ones.

As the UK’s ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles looms, second hand EVs may be the perfect option for those who want to buy an electric car without the hefty price tag. 

Buy an electric car at EV Sales

Those looking for an affordable electric vehicle have come to the right place! Here at EV Sales, we specialise in the sale of both new and second hand electric vehicles. 

Our second hand vehicles were all previously owned and used by our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles. EVision is an award-winning electric vehicle hire company who specialise in electric vehicles. After a few years, EVision decided to upgrade their electric vehicles for the latest versions. 

This means that all our EVs are in fantastic condition, have low mileage and have only had one previous keeper. We currently have a great range of the best electric cars and vans from the best brands!


Tesla is certainly a common name in most households now as Elon Musk’s pure electric brand continues to fly. Being some of, if not, the most popular electric vehicles for buyers across the globe. The Tesla Model 3 actually ranked in the top spot as the best -selling electric car in 2021. 

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S is not following far behind. The brand’s sporty model is by far one the most popular electric vehicles on the market. With it’s fantastic performance and luxury interior, the Tesla Model S ticks all the boxes.

We’re lucky enough to have some second hand Tesla Model S and Model 3 vehicles available here!

BMW and Renault

For those of you who are looking for a more conventional electric car, you might be interested in the BMW i3 or Renault Zoe. Both of which are still super stylish and are brilliant city vehicles. Starting with a second hand BMW i3, which offers roughly120 miles on a single charge. Meanwhile, a second hand Renault Zoe has a slightly smaller real world range of 100 miles.

buy an electric car

These electric cars are similar in a lot of ways. They offer a great amount of tech and perform really well on the road. It all comes down to your own preferences. The BMW i3 is known for being more adventurous in its design, whereas the Zoe looks much more like a conventional car.

Either way, these are brilliant choices, especially for those starting out their EV journey!

buy an electric car

Electric vans

Finally, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative for your commercial business, then an electric van may be for you! Here at EVision, we have some brand new vans including the Vauxhall Vivaro-e and Renault Kangoo.

The Vauxhall Vivaro-e  is a much larger electric van than the Kangoo, and is actually just an electric model of Vauxhall’s Vivaro van. This is one of the best selling electric vans on the market as it is so similar to its conventional counterpart. Plus, with a range of 200 miles and rapid charging in just 20 minutes, the Vivaro-e is perfect for those doing long distances throughout the day.

Whereas, the Kangoo is slightly smaller and therefore has a smaller range of roughly 120 miles. One of our favourite features of the Kangoo is it’s customisability. There are 2 large front seats as well as 3 rear seats. However, these rear seats can be completely folded down to allow for more cargo. 

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* All information correct as of 03/03/2022.