One third of second hand car sales will be electric by 2030!

Volkswagen ID.3

The uptake of pure electric cars and vans is continuing to soar in the UK. Latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reveal that more than a fifth of registrations in the first half of 2022 were electric. Within this, over 115,000 new battery battery electric vehicles were sold from the beginning of the year. So, what about second hand car sales? 

Second hand car sales in the UK

Despite new EV sales flourishing, manufacturers are still facing long delays on their latest vehicles thanks to a global semiconductor chip shortage. This is pushing the wait times on some electric cars back to nearly two years. 

Rises to the cost of living and fuel prices, make it sensible for many to be considering an electric vehicle. It also makes sense for drivers to look for affordable, reliable and convenient electric vehicles. Unfortunately, ticking all three boxes within the new car market is sometimes impossible.

It’s not that electric cars aren’t reliable and convenient, it’s that they’re very expensive. With that in mind, experts predict that more than a third of second hand car sales will be battery electric vehicles by the end of the decade. 

This is largely due to the accelerated availability and range of all-electric models. Now, pretty much all manufacturers offer at least one fully electric model. This is likely to trigger a better-stocked second hand market of all-electric vehicles.

Battery electric vehicles made up just 1.3% of the total number of cars on the road in the UK in 2021. Research from LV shows that the sale of electric vehicles will jump to over one million in 2023. However, this will still only equate to 3.1% of total sales.

The insurer is expecting that new and second hand car sales will accelerate much quicker from 2024. This is when the Government is scheduled to introduce a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate which will put pressure on manufacturers to sell more electric cars. 

That takes us all the way up to 2030 when the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned. By 2035, new plug-in hybrids are also due to be banished from forecourts and manufacturers will have no choice but to sell zero-emission vehicles only.

The most popular electric cars

It seems even with long delays, Brits are managing to get their hands behind the wheels of some of the best electric cars on the market. The SMMT’s data also shows us the best selling cars – electric or not – throughout the UK. 

To no one’s surprise, the Tesla Model Y has wormed its way up to being the second best selling car in June 2022. It’s also already ranking as the tenth best selling car of the year. Likewise, cars like the Kia Niro, which is available as a plug-in hybrid or fully electric model, is a firm staple within the top 10.  

As always, the Vauxhall Corsa holds the trophy for being Britain’s most popular vehicle. Again, offering drivers a petrol, diesel and electric model. In terms of second hand car sales, there are now some brilliant all-electric models available. 

While it may seem like electric cars are only just marking their territory, they’ve actually been around for a while. Electric models such as the Tesla Model S and Renault Zoe have had their fair share of upgrades over the years and now there’s a lot of second hand options. 

Likewise, BMW’s newly retired i3 model is one of our favourite electric cars that’s been on the market for nearly a decade. We’d also recommend the i3 and Zoe for any first time drivers who are keen to make their mark in the electric car world. They’re both convenient, small electric cars that won’t cost you the Earth to buy, run or insure!

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* All information correct as of 03/08/2022.