Tesla Improves Sentry Mode – One Reason Why You Should Buy A Tesla

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In recent EV news, Tesla has announced the latest update to Sentry Mode. This fantastic feature is yet another reason why you should buy a Tesla for your next vehicle.  If you’re thinking of upgrading to an electric vehicle in the new year, then read on to find out why you should be investing in a Tesla.


For those drivers that have never heard of sentry mode, then you’ll be amazed. This superior piece of technology is essentially an integrated surveillance security system. The system will allow you to monitor and track any suspicious activity around your vehicle, when it is parked up and locked. Depending on the type of motion detected, the car will react to the severity of the threat.

If a threat is detected by the system, the cameras fitted in the car will begin recording any activity and the built in alarm system will be activated. Tesla drivers will then be notified via the app to let them know of any potential activity. 

Additionally, Tesla drivers also have the option to make use of the horn, and flash the headlights. If the car is fitted with a speaker, drivers can also talk through it to alert anyone in close proximity to the vehicle. This is a great security system that will warn off any potential individuals attempting to break into the vehicle. So how has the system been updated?


Tesla have now released the latest version of Sentry mode (2022.44.2) which is being rolled out to their fleet of vehicles. The latest update will allow drivers to:

Disable camera based detection

Although this seems like a feature that will need to be on to maximise security, drivers have the option to disable the camera to detect threats if they wish to do so. When camera based detection is enabled the car will use all of the external cameras fitted, as well as the sensors to detect any suspicious movement. If this feature is turned off it will only save any recordings that are triggered by any physical activity such as a door being forced open or a window breaking. 

Sentry Mode clip length

This will allow drivers to choose the length of the video clip when a threat is detected. Sentry mode will continue recording for several minutes after the initial threat has been detected, and until now that specific amount of time has been standard for all Tesla drivers. If you want to adjust this time, then now you can! In order to adjust these settings, drivers will need to go onto Controls > Safety > Sentry Mode. At the moment, this feature hasn’t been completely rolled out to all drivers. It is mainly parts of Europe that are able to make use of this feature.


So now you know all about the security system installed within the car, do you need another reason to buy a Tesla? Well luckily for you, we’ve got plenty!

Free lifetime supercharging with any Tesla Model S

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you should buy a Tesla. Free lifetime supercharging!

All Tesla Model S and X’s come with free unlimited supercharging on the Tesla supercharger network. What a great bonus to have in a world where the energy prices have reached an all time high. 

Award winning

The Tesla Model S on its own has one plenty of awards including: 

  • CNET Tech Car of the Year in 2012
  • 2013 World Green Car of the Year
  • Yahoo! Autos 2013 Car of the Year
  • Green Car Reports’ Car of the Decade

If you buy a Tesla, you’ll be guaranteed pure excellence, class and a reliable, much loved vehicle!

Pure luxury

If you want more from a vehicle than just getting you from A to B, then a Tesla is the perfect car for you. The minimalist feel and simplistic design of the interior will have you falling in love with driving all over again. All of the main controls you’ll need are located within the centre console including the headlights, heated seats, and radio and media controls and the sat nav to name a few. 

If you buy a Tesla from EV Sales, you’ll also be able to enjoy a luxurious full leather interior. You’ll never want to leave the vehicle that offers such class and sophistication.


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Tesla Model S P85 for sale
Tesla Model S P85 for sale
Tesla Model S for sale