Tesla Model 3 – Making Supercars Accessible

tesla model 3

Tesla are the true pioneers of the electric vehicle age. However, despite the fact that Tesla has consistently been way ahead of other manufacturers when it comes to technology, Tesla cars have a reputation for being expensive. Enter the Tesla Model 3.

When the Tesla Model 3 burst onto the scene in 2019 it became a real game changer. For the first time, a supercar level vehicle became accessible to more people. The popularity of the Tesla Model 3 was instantly recognised. This electric vehicle became the biggest selling car on the planet very quickly. You see lots of Tesla Model 3 cars everywhere.

In my opinion, this popularity is important, not just for Tesla, but for the electric vehicle industry as a whole. The more electric cars people see on the road, the more confidence they will have when it comes to buying one for themselves.

A Breathtaking Electric Vehicle

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that the Tesla Model 3 made its British debut at the Goodwood festival of speed. The interest in this hotly anticipated electric car was phenomenal. People who had never had interest in electric cars before were gathering around for their opportunity to take photos of the newest marvel on the scene.

Of course, being an incredibly good looking car helps. Smaller than the Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model 3 was the epitome of a desirable sports car. The rounded edges and the low ceiling gave it some pretty cool credentials. The boot of the Tesla Model 3 was also turning heads. How on earth could a small sports car have so much room in it? From day 1 the Tesla Model 3 had raised its flag and people were saluting.

Tesla Model 3 – A Top Class Electric Car With a Top Class Performance

There are several different models of the Tesla Model 3. Here I will be looking at the model we have available for sale at EV Sales.

Not only does this car look amazing, it’s got a performance that cashes the cheques it’s writing. There is a real world range of around 215 miles to play with. The top speed is a remarkable 140mph and you can reach 60mph from a standing start in just 5.6 seconds! 

The tech inside the car is just as amazing. Tesla is the best when it comes to building an infotainment system. The Tesla Model 3 is no different. The radar technology is absolutely superb and makes a huge difference when using the driving assist. In fact, the whole system is just so easy to use and has so many fun and helpful features.

The EV Sales Promise

As with any of our second-hand vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 that we have available has only ever had one previous owner. That is our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles. This means that every electric car or electric van that comes through our doors has been maintained and looked after to the very highest standards by electric vehicle experts.

So, check out our website to see what cars and vans we have available. If you would prefer to hire a vehicle, then check out the website for EVision Electric Vehicles.