Tesla Model S P85 – A Modern Classic

Side view of a black Tesla Model S P85

When the Tesla Model S first came on the scene it looked like a slightly different car. The modern style has a much sharper edge to the front of the bonnet. Previously there was more of a bubble shape to a Tesla Model S. This is not a bad thing though, just different.

The original style gives the vehicle an air of classic car about it. There is no shortage of fans of the original bubble shape and this is why the older style Model S is still a popular electric car on the market.

A Bit of Tesla Model S History

As we all know (or probably should do) Tesla was the first major electric car manufacturer on the planet. Others came before, but none made the electric car mainstream and for the masses just like Elon Musk’s baby.

It may come as a surprise to many people, but Elon Musk wasn’t one of the founders of Tesla Motors in 2003. Musk did, however, become the majority shareholder of the company in 2004, just a year before the first Tesla car was released. For those who know their Tesla history, you will know that it was the Tesla Roadster that kicked things off. Produced from 2005-2006, the Tesla Roadster was the car that broke the waves.

It was 2012 when Tesla launched the Model S. This is the car that would change the world of driving forever. Did Elon Musk realise at the time how much the Tesla Model S would influence, not only the car industry, but the world. A lot of modern green initiatives  are only possible because of the Model S.

Dashboard of a Tesla Model S P85

Tesla Model S P85 

When the Model S burst onto the scene it came in three flavours, so to speak. There was the Tesla Model S 60, the Tesla Model S 60D (available from 2014) and the Tesla Model S P85. The number referred to the size of the battery and the letter (where applicable) indicated whether the car was a dual motor or a performance model.

Being a Tesla Model S P85 means that the car has a 85kWh battery and is the performance variant of the model. Even now there are many big electric cars that don’t have a battery as big as the Tesla Model S P85

The Model S proved to be a smash hit. Celebrities and dignitaries started driving these cars all around the world. This vehicle launched at a time coinciding with a major global green movement. Scandal after scandal was hitting major firms, not just in the car industry, and cleaner living was highly sought after.

Of course, the Tesla Model S P85 is also a performance model. Here is the performance that you can expect from the vehicle.

Back view of Tesla Model S P85

Performing Like a Champion

The Tesla Model S P85 is a rear wheel drive car that comes with a 310kW rear mounted motor. This motor is capable of producing 600 Newton Metres of torque at 5,100rpm. In other words, this is a powerful electric car even by today’s standards.

Talking of power, the acceleration is a stunning 4.2 seconds for 0-60mph and the car can reach a top speed of 130mph. Although we would obviously recommend staying within the speed limit of wherever you are driving.

These performance statistics are clearly from when the car was brand new. However, many car reviewers have taken the older Tesla Model S cars out to see how they hold up after some years of use.

The outcome is extremely positive. In fact, very little has been lost by the batteries over time. You can still expect more than 200 miles in real world terms from the range of the car, which is still pretty incredible. Not to forget that you also have access to the substantial Tesla Supercharger network around the world.

Open boot of the Tesla Model S P85

The EV Sales Promise

As we like to tell our customers, any used vehicle that is sold by us has only ever had one previous owner, that being our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles. You can be safe and secure in the knowledge that these cars have been maintained to the highest standards and have a full service history. Special care has gone into each vehicle from a team of well trained EV experts.

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