The quirkiest electric cars for sale in the UK

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As the EV market continues to develop, manufacturers are being more creative with their designs. While Tesla is still storming ahead in terms of sales, many motorists are looking for quirky, unconventional electric cars for sale. Continue reading to learn all about the wackiest EVs that are coming to the UK!


First up is the Microlino. It’s no lie that sometimes the best ideas are the oldest ideas! This retro-inspired electric car has been designed and developed by a Swiss company of the same name. It’s an unapologetic homage to the classic Isetta bubble car produced by the brand in the 1950s, except this time – it’s electric!

The manufacturers wanted to design an EV that was practical, convenient and easy to use. Highlighting the fact that, on average, a car is occupied by 1.2 people and only driven 35km a day. From this, they decided that most cars are far too big for their usage. As a result, Microlino has developed what they call the ‘ideal mix’ between motorbikes and cars.

A two-seater car with space for a shopping bag or two. In terms of size, the Microlino is very, very small. It only measures 2.5 metres long and 1.5 metres wide. So, how far can it go and how quickly? Well, the Microlino will come with two battery options; an 8kWh and a 14.4kWh pack.

The smaller battery has a range of roughly 77 miles, whereas the larger one can travel roughly 124 miles. At first glance, these figures seem pretty impressive for the batteries, but let’s not forget that the Microlino is extremely lightweight. There’s also a top speed of 56mph.

At the moment, the  Microlino doesn’t have any capability for rapid charging, but it doesn’t really need it. Instead, it can charge from empty to full in around four hours. The maximum charging speed is a modest 2.4kW meaning most drivers wouldn’t need a high powered wallbox to be installed.

Pricing is set competitively at £10,000. Brilliant for an all-electric city car! While still in production at the moment, it’s expected the Microlino will hit UK markets next year.

Renault Duo

Does anyone remember the Renault Twizy? Well, it’s back, but a bit different! Renault recently announced that the Twizy’s successor is coming to the UK. Named the Renault Duo, it is expected to launch in 2023 to compete with the Citroen Ami (more on that later).

We don’t know loads about the Renault Duo at the moment, but it looks pretty cool. What we do know is that Renault has designed this to be a low cost and low maintenance car that can withstand the rigours of urban life. 

The Duo features interchangeable bumpers, removable seat covers and a swappable battery pack. While Renault hasn’t announced any specification as of yet, we imagine it will be pretty similar to the Ami. We’re expecting the Duo to have a range of up to 50 miles., but cannot wait to see it hit the market next year!

Lumin Corn

Possibly the cutest electric car we’ve ever seen, the next EV is the Lumin Corn. Produced by Chinese brand Avatr, this all-electric car is set to launch in China later this year. We know the Lumin Corn is available with two battery pack options; a 12.9kwh and a 17.6kWh. These will have estimated ranges of 96 and 130 miles respectively.

There’s also talk of Avatr introducing a larger 29kWh battery pack later down the line. This would give motorists approximately 187 miles of range. All of these figures are really impressive! There are also four seats in the Lumin Corn, however we’re not sure how adult-friendly the rear seats would be.

If those figures weren’t enough, the design of this EV will surely blow you away. The interior features two digital displays and really maintains the retro feel. Although pricing for the Lumin Corn is yet to be announced, we imagine it will be competing with fellow Chinese brand; the Wuling Mini EV. 

The Wuling Mini EV costs the equivalent of £4,000. If either of these EVs came to the UK, they could be the most affordable electric cars for sale! 

Citroen Ami

French manufacturer, Citroen, caused some commotion when they announced the release of this tiny, city electric car. It’s fantastically unconventional and would cost less per month than a mobile phone contract, it’s just a bit slow.

Like the Renault Twizy and Duo, the Ami is designed for micro-mobility meaning it has a restricted speed of 30mph and range of 44 miles. You can plug the Ami into a normal household plug socket and it will only take three hours to be fully charged. 

In terms of price, the Ami starts at £7,000 and Citroen have already been inundated with pre-orders. It’s certainly a great choice for those living in cities and travelling short distances. It also makes for a great taking point!

Smart EQ Fortwo

The final electric vehicle comes from Smart. While the Chinese-German brand has been around since 2000, Smart had an upgrade a few years ago. In 2017, Smart launched their first pure electric vehicle the Smart EQ Fortwo. 

The Smart EQ Fortwo is a perfect car for city driving. It’s compact, easy to drive and a bit out there in design. Meanwhile, in 2019, Smart went into a joint venture with well-known manufacturers Mercedes. Since then, they have been a purely electric brand and have no petrol or diesel models on offer.

With prices starting at £19,150, the EQ Fortwo is one of the more expensive small electric cars for sale. With a 17.6kWh battery, 82 miles of range and only two seats, this car doesn’t offer an awful lot for its money. 

But, it is more than enough for those travelling short distances. There are a couple of advantages too! The small battery pack allows for quick charging within three hours when using a domestic plug. That’s cut down to less than an hour when using a 22kWh charge point. 

While the Smart EQ Fortwo isn’t quite as quirky as some of these other electric cars for sale, it certainly is practical. It feels a lot more usable than all of the other cars, mainly thanks to the slightly larger range.

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* All information correct as of 25/05/2022.