Want To Buy An Electric Car? The Benefits Of EVs Explained

Buy an electric car - Vauxhall Mokka-e

It’s only been the last year or so that the idea of electric vehicles has really taken off. Kick started by the government announcement to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, the EV market has gone from strength to strength. 

Despite the inevitability of EVs, they’ve still not been entirely embraced by everyone. Although electric cars do not offer the same rumble when the engine is started up, they do offer a lot of other benefits. 

Is now the right time for you to buy an electric car? Find out about all of the perks you could be benefiting from. Plus why you should buy an electric car from EV Sales.


Arguably, this is the most important benefit of switching to an electric car. If you’re looking to buy an electric car, whether it’s your first, or you’re simply upgrading, you will be helping reduce the air pollution on our planet. 

Global warming is wreaking havoc and causing damage to our planet. A huge factor to this is the air pollution caused by everyday transport such as cars. 

Electric cars have no tailpipe, they do not need petrol or diesel to power them and have no internal combustion engine (ICE). Therefore making them more eco-friendly for our environment.

If electric vehicles become part of everyday life on the road, then it is predicted that our carbon footprint will drastically decrease. By doing something as simple as switching to an electric car, then it’s really a no-brainer!


What do you get when you don’t have an engine weighing down a car? Yes, that’s right, a car with fast acceleration!

All electric cars are specifically designed so that the maximum amount of torque is achieved as soon as the acceleration pedal is pushed. We aren’t saying that when you buy a BMW i3, drivers will feel like they are driving a Porsche Taycan. However, pulling off won’t feel sluggish when you’re driving an electric car.


You may think that EVs are the technology, but wait until you see the interior of the car. Car manufacturers are now using battery powered vehicles to showcase an exciting range of technology and gadgets.

A classic example is the big brand name in the EV industry, Tesla. In the last couple of years we have seen a new line of Tesla Model S & 3s released. Tesla is known for their simplistic interior. As well as a large infotainment touch screen that is home to all of the controls a driver will ever need.

Just a couple of tech innovations that have created a buzz between individuals include:

  • Sentry Mode – A feature that allows the driver to check on their Tesla when it is parked and locked. It will monitor any suspicious activity, and will raise an alarm if it detects any danger.
  • Dog Mode – Perfect for dog lovers. If your dog is well behaved enough to even ride in a Tesla, it will allow drivers to set a comfortable temperature in the car. The windows will not even need to be opened.
  • Tesla Arcade – As the name suggests, the Tesla arcade is packed full of games for drivers to enjoy when they are parked up. 

And why not? Go big or go home as they say!

Buy an electric car - Tesla dog mode
Tesla Arcade Mode


Most drivers panic about charging their vehicle and suffer with range anxiety. If charging in public is something you worry about then don’t. Home charging is becoming an increasingly popular option. It will allow drivers to charge their cars up overnight, or even whilst they are working from home.

More and more electricians are now offering charge point installation. Finding a reliable, trusted company to do this will no longer be an issue.

Not only do we sell second hand EVs we also have a range of charge points and chargers for sale including:

  • Wallbox chargers
  • Type 2 charging cables
  • 3 pin plug chargers

All of our EV accessories can be purchased securely on our website.


This is definitely one of the most obvious benefits. It’s why electric cars are currently thriving, and will continue to in years to come. For those that are unaware of the cost benefits then let us fill you in. 

Your bank balance could be thanking you when you go for your annual service. Unlike conventional cars, there are a lot less moving parts to maintain in an EV. Therefore less to pay out for if something was to go wrong.

When it comes to charging, drivers will also be paying considerably less. As more and more shopping centres and supermarkets are installing charge points, the appeal of free charging seems to be enticing more drivers to make the switch. 

If you want to buy an electric car and charge at your home, a lot of energy providers such as EDF Energy and Octopus offer packages to cover car charging as well as standard electricity usage. Ultimately, saving drivers even more money!


Now this benefit puts people in two minds. Most think classics should stay classics, but for us it’s a huge advantage. Drivers can now get their hands on the new Ford Mustang Mach-e, and drive it without intoxicating anyone walking by with petrol or diesel fumes. That’s definitely a win win, can you imagine driving such a distinctive car!

Another example of a class car reinvented as an EV, was manufactured by Vauxhall in 2020. The new Vauxhall Corsa-e is now an updated, battery powered electric vehicle. We hope that the iconic car is guaranteed to make quite a lot of drivers think twice whether to buy an electric car, after seeing familiarity on the market.


We completely understand that purchasing a vehicle from new can be costly, which is why EV Sales could be the answer you’re looking for. When you buy an electric car from us, you’ll benefit from a one month warranty and a car that has only one registered keeper. We will ensure the vehicle is as good as new before it goes out to its new owner, for your own peace of mind. 

As we are not currently able to welcome customers to view the electric cars for sale at our forecourt, we do have other options available. We welcome anyone interested in any of our second hand EVs to book a virtual tour. We will show you around the car as well as being able to see it being driven. A click and collect service will also be in operation for anyone wanting to grab themselves a bargain during lockdown!

If you want to buy an electric car, feel free to browse our full stock list. You are more than welcome to give us a call on 01634 914063 or email us if you have any questions.