Why should I buy an electric car over a hybrid car?

electric car charging

In the last few years, buying an electric car is slowly becoming closer to becoming the norm. However, we have seen plenty of hybrid cars released onto the market including the Audi Q5, the Volvo XC90 and the BMW 3 series. But, why should you buy an electric car instead of a hybrid car we hear you ask?

There are a great deal of reasons why, let’s take a look!


A hybrid car is a vehicle that is powered by both an electric motor as well as an internal combustion engine. Meaning that they have more than one type of propulsion.

There are three different types of hybrids and each works in a different way. Do you know the difference between them?

Parallel hybrid cars

The Toyota Prius is a classic example of this type of hybrid. Both the electric motor and internal combustion engine power the wheels in this type of hybrid car. When pulling off, the electric motor powers the car. When the driver then reaches a higher speed, the petrol or diesel engine takes over. Then when braking is used, the electric motor regenerates power and stores it in the battery for later. 

Range extender hybrid cars

These types of hybrid vehicles only use the conventional engine to produce electricity, for a generator that recharges the battery. The BMW i3 Range Extender is a perfect example of this type of hybrid. 

Plugin hybrid cars

As the name suggests, it does what it says on the tin. Plugin hybrids also known as PHEVs, are fitted with larger batteries than regular hybrids and they can drive longer distances and rely more on electric power. They are a cross between a fully electric vehicle and a conventional car, as they still have an internal combustion engine. 

Most people think they are living the best of both worlds, but how good are they really?



As hybrid cars are made up of an internal combustion engine plus an electric motor, there are a lot more parts to manufacture. Therefore meaning that the purchase price of hybrids is considerably more than their conventional and fully electric counterparts. 


As we all know, if it has got more parts, it’s going to cost you more to maintain. When you buy an electric car, there is no engine so automatically there’s less parts to think about! When you drive a hybrid, your vehicle will come with:

  • An electric motor
  • A large battery pack
  • Gear mechanisms to transfer power from the internal combustion engine and electric motor to the wheels 
  • substantial additional wiring
  • An enhanced cooling system 

So if you’re not careful it could work out very costly just for owning a hybrid! This is one of the main reasons why most people cut out the middleman and go straight to buying a fully electric car instead.


As hybrid cars have an electric motor, they do release less emissions than a standard diesel or petrol car. Which is great, but they still have an internal combustion engine. Therefore, drivers will still be liable for the fuel emissions emitted. We all know about the dangerous situation the planet is currently in when it comes to air pollution. We all need to change our ways and our transport could be the first thing that can be changed. 


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