Why should you be offering electric company cars?


Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular – and your employees want to join in the electric revolution! With the UK public charging network expanding every day, it’s more accessible than ever to drive an electric company car.

By providing your employees with pure electric company cars, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and save yourself a bit of money. Let’s see how it all works!

Sustainability and electric company cars

There is no question that the introduction of electric vehicles into the workplace is something that is inevitable. We all know that electric vehicles lack tailpipe emissions, meaning they’re much better for the environment than petrol or diesel ones. 

Governments across the globe are dedicated to lowering our total carbon footprint, and electric vehicles are a big part of that. In fact, EDF Energy predicts that one electric car can save roughly 1.5 million grams of CO2 in one year. That’s the same as four return flights from London to Barcelona.

Some EV sceptics argue that making electric cars produces so much energy and CO2 that it isn’t worth investing in them. However, this simply isn’t true. It is true that building electric cars produces emissions, but manufacturers are rapidly changing this.

Volkswagen is one manufacturer who is committed to creating electric cars without the emissions. Their flagship EV, the Volkswagen ID.4, is actually built in a carbon-neutral factory. This means if it’s charged using sustainably produced electricity, like from solar panels, then it will remain carbon-neutral on the road for its entire lifetime. 

Having your employees drive electric company cars is a brilliant idea for those who want to promote the sustainability of their business. Not only does it make your employees feel great, it could also improve your custom!

Customer options count too!

Today’s customers are increasingly aware of the climate situation, with major discussions such as COP26 taking place worldwide. While many customers may not appear to have prevalent opinions on our environmental issues, they could be more likely to engage with your business if you’re going above and beyond competitors.

Think about it this way, if Tesco began donating a percentage of their sales to local charities in need – I can imagine their sales would increase too. That’s not because their products have changed. Neither is it because their clientele is regularly donating to local causes.

Sales are likely to increase because they offer an added bonus even though their competitors offer the same products at the same price.

When customers see, hear or read that your company offers eco-friendly alternatives to your own staff, they could just be more likely to walk through your door.

Benefits for electric company cars

If you’re already offering company cars, you might be wondering what the point is in suddenly switching to provide electric vehicles – surely that just involves more upfront costs?

Currently, the Government is offering multiple grants to help businesses switch to electric vehicles. You can receive a portion of the purchasing and installation costs of both new electric vehicles and their charge points.

You can currently receive up to £1,500 towards an electric vehicle and up to £350 off the purchase and installation of charging stations. While these grants are fantastic, we imagine they will not be around forever. Best to take advantage while you can!

Cost savings!

Alongside the discounts upfront costs, all-electric company cars are much cheaper for you and your employees to run day to day. 

Data from NibleFins shows that owners of electric cars save roughly £858 per year on fuel alone. That’s over £4,000 for a five year period. Electric car drivers can expect to save around 11p per mile compared to drivers of petrol or diesel cars when charging their EV at home or work.

The average annual mileage of UK drivers is 7,600, within that year drivers can expect to fork out roughly £1,200 on petrol. However, an electric car could cost drivers a minimal £342 per year to fill up. Of course, these figures largely depend on where, when and how you’ll charge an electric company car – but it can be done!

Due to it being so inexpensive to charge electric vehicles, most companies offer their employees free charging while at work. This adds yet another benefit to employees!

Electric company cars at EV Sales

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