Why you should buy a BMW i3 today!

buy a bmw i3

Are you looking to buy a BMW i3 this year? The BMW i3 is probably one of the most innovative and recognisable electric vehicles on the road. It’s been a massive success, within the UK and across the globe. Unfortunately, the BMW Group has decided to discontinue the BMW i3 from July 2022 and we’re definitely sad to see it go!

After a run of nine years, the i3 has sold over 220,000 units across the globe. It’s thought that the manufacturing group plans to focus it’s time on new all-electric models, including the latest Mini Countryman, which will have a pure electric drivetrain.

The best EV on the market?

One of the best features of the BMW i3 is it’s design. While it may look a bit wacky, the design really improves the whole vehicle. When producing the vehicle, BMW pioneered the use of carbon fibre as the base material to limit the car’s weight. This makes the car agile and improves its acceleration.

In terms of styling, the BMW i3 is certainly polarising. It’s either a love it or hate it design. Even nearly a decade later, there still isn’t any electric car with as bold of a design as the i3. The futuristic feel continues inside, where you’ll find BMWs class-lead infotainment.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t take long behind the wheel of an i3 to realise that it’s infused with BMW’s trademark fun driving experience. A high-set driving position and light controls help the i3 take crowded city streets in its stride, while the electric motor’s instance response makes motorway driving a joy.

In 2018 the BMW i3 was updated with a much-needed larger battery. Initially, the car was fitted with a tiny 22.6kWh battery, which has been replaced with a 42.2kWh battery. This has increased the vehicle’s range massively, now being able to travel roughly 190 miles on a full charge. 

So, would we say the BMW i3 is the best electric vehicle on the market? It’s certainly up there with our favourites. Back when the i3 was first produced it was quite advanced for it’s time, but BMW have continued to step up the i3s design, performance and drive. 

It’s definitely one of our favourite electric vehicles, and we’ll be sad to see it go. But, that’s exactly why now is the best time to buy a BMW i3! 

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