You want to buy an electric car? Here are 3 of the best used electric family cars available!

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Are you thinking of jumping on the electric car bandwagon? If so, you may have been put off by the relatively high prices of new models. Electric vehicles (EVs) have been around long enough that there are plenty of used models on the market. Here are our top family models for those looking to buy an electric car, without the huge price tag!

3. Hyundai Ioniq

The first batch of Hyundai’s Ioniq models were released back in 2016 and are a great all-electric option. They offer enough range for commuting parents (160 miles on average), plenty of space for a family and feel much more grown up than a Nissan Leaf.

Many people are considering switching to an electric alternative, but may be worried about what comes with that. What the Ioniq models are brilliant at doing is merging modern electric technology with conventional vehicles. This way drivers don’t feel entirely in a different world when driving their EV, it often just feels like a regular automatic vehicle.

The kit list is also impressive, especially for an EV of its time. With Android Auto and AppleCarPlay, a reversing camera, LED lights, adaptive cruise control and sat-nav all coming as standard.

It’s worth noting that pretty much every second hand Ioniq you can buy will still have some of its manufacturer’s warranty left on it. This is the only all-electric car you can say that for, for the price. 

Unfortunately, we do not have any second hand Ioniq’s for sale as of yet. However, our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles, will have the newest Ioniq 5 available for you to hire very soon!

2. BMW i3

It’s fair to say that the BMW i3 is one of the most stylish electric cars on the market. Even eight years after its release, there’s still nothing on the road like it. 

I think this is because it’s also one of the only EVs that has been designed from the beginning to be an electric car. Unlike the Vauxhall Corsa-e or Mokka-e, the BMW i3 was not developed into an electric car from a combustion-engined model.

Some people are worried about the limiting range often found on early electric cars. However, in 2016 the BMW i3 94Ah version went on sale with a 33kWh battery and a real world range of 160 miles.

All i3s get a dramatically styled interior too, with lots of glass and light. The clever upright stance means there’s space to seat two adults and two children, even though the i3s footprint is very compact. There’s also the funky ‘suicide doors’ on the back, which open outwards, allowing more room for passengers to get in and out of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, BMW made the decision to discontinue the i3 model in the USA from July 2021, and it seems the same could follow for the UK and Europe later in 2022.

We have a selection of 2018 plate BMW i3s available right now starting at £16,500, that’s a pretty big saving compared to the £33,000 odd for a new model. All of our BMW i3s come with a three months warranty, only one previous owner and low mileage! Including this one which only has 7,000 miles on the clock and this one with 20,000 miles!

1. Tesla Model S

Fast, refined and well equipped. Of course, we could only be talking about one car brand, in particular the Tesla Model S

When you think of luxury electric cars, the brand Tesla is often the first one that comes to mind. You may debate whether the Tesla Model S is suitable to make our family car list, but there’s two reasons that it does. 

First of all, for the price you’ll pay for a Model S, you’ll struggle to find another second hand electric car with a similar range. Even some of the most affordable models should provide drivers with roughly 190 miles of range. While the Model S 85, should go around 270 miles before it runs out of juice.

Secondly, and possibly most importantly, owning a Model S will give you access to Tesla’s excellent Supercharger network. This will make charging away from home much easier, especially with little kids. Plus, all Tesla models made before 2017 will have free, unlimited Supercharging for life, which makes them extremely cost-effective to run.

The Tesla Model S is definitely one of the premium models of EVs on the market, and the price to buy one new shows that. If you have a spare £90,000 (or more) readily available to buy a brand  new model then great, but that would be a HUGE purchase for a lot of people.

By buying a used Tesla Model S from a trusted dealer, you could be saving yourself a fortune! We have a few Tesla Model S’ available starting at £25,000. And yes, we know that is still a massive amount of money – but you’re buying a Tesla! These are one of the few electric cars where you can get more than you pay for when purchasing second hand.

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* All information correct as of 08/11/2021.