ZEV recognises that the Road to Zero is a cumulative effort across all areas of daily life. Participation from across the  spectrum of businesses, individuals, government and local communities, is key in driving pollution levels down in order to  reduce carbon output and improve air quality for everyone. 

At ZEV, we are highly experienced in providing products and services across the zero-carbon transport sector. Now with a  British-made focus, and a unique approach to quality, our British-made EV Charging Cables are designed to support the take up of clean transport solutions across the UK and Europe. 

Our flexible approach to product supply and short delivery times, ensure customers receive a product and service to meet  their exact requirements – key considerations for businesses looking to source and supply quality accessories within the EV  sector, as well as corporates looking for reliable, reasonably priced products to support their transition to electric powered  vehicles. 

ZEV also believes our outstanding customer service sets us apart in recognising the support required to continue to  encourage the switch to cleaner transport solutions. 

What do we provide?

  • Single / 3Phase 
  • Straight, Coiled or a Combination 
  • Type2 or Type1 
  • Complete cable sets or Tethered for (qualified electrician) fitting into a tethered charge point
  • Colour Choice 
  • Any Length

Our EV Charging Cables can be made to any specification, length, colour, branded, etc. meeting customer expectations and  supporting corporate branding. Find out more about Zero Emission Vehicles Ltd here.